Insertion of your gene into a specific vector of your choice. The vector may either be provided by you or can be obtained by BaseGene. Our subcloning service will help customers to speed up their work and gives the possibility to obtain the construct you need within a short time and without spending valuable time on routine cloning work.


  • Gene can be cloned into one of our vectors, or into vectors submitted to us.**
  • 2-4ug of lyophilized gene in vector, up to 10ug FREE upon request.
  • Genes are fully cloned and 100% sequence verified.
  • No hidden costs or “set-up” charges.
  • We can match or beat any competitor’s price (some conditions apply).
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*: Turnaround refers to business days. Turnaround varies with length of gene and complexity of sequence. Turnarounds are estimates. Pricing applies to standard sequences. Cost and turnaround for synthesis of non-standard sequences may vary.
**: Please consult our list of stock vectors. Vectors other than listed are to be shipped to us for your subcloning projects.