Site-directed mutagenesis of a sequence to make specific, targeted changes to double stranded DNA. Based on optimised protocols, BaseGene is able to create mutations in virtually every DNA fragment. This is a valuable tool for studying DNA or protein structure and function. Site-directed or random mutagenesis can be applied to any DNA-fragment cloned into a plasmid vector. We can help you to introduce a range of mutations, varying from point mutations to deletions or insertions.


  • Mutations can be introduced at any site, as well as on large constructs ( 8 kb)**.
  • 2-4ug of lyophilized gene in vector, up to 10ug FREE upon request.
  • Final gene are 100% sequence verified.
  • No hidden costs or “set-up” charges.
  • We can match or beat any competitor’s price (some conditions apply).
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*: Turnaround refers to business days. Turnaround varies with length of gene and complexity of sequence. Turnarounds are estimates. Pricing applies to standard sequences. Cost and turnaround for synthesis of non-standard sequences may vary.
**: Template can either be submitted to us, or synthesized by us.
One mutation = any combination of base changes within a frame of 10 bases.