BaseGene offers the highest quality clonal, 100% sequence-perfect constructs and at the lowest price per base pair. With our gene syntghesis service we deliver constructs ready for use in your application. Ordering your genes at BaseGene offers you a range of advantages

Gene synthesis at the lowest available price

We offer gene synthesis at the lowest available price. Standard pricing is €0,18 /bp with a minimal order of €100,00 per construct. For yearly commitment of certain number of base pairs prices can be as low as €0,10 /bp. BaseGene can match or beat any competitor’s price (some conditions apply).

  • Standard pricing
    € 0,18

    / base pair

    • No minimal order size, no minimal gene length
    • Minimal order per construct €100
  • 50-200 kbp /year
    € 0,16

    / base pair

    • When ordering minimal 50.000 base pairs per year
  • 200-500 kbp /year
    € 0,14

    / base pair

    • When ordering minimal 200.000 base pairs per year
  • 500 kbp + /year
    € 0,10

    / base pair

    • When ordering minimal 500.000 base pairs per year

Fast turnaround times

BaseGene offers its gene synthesis services with fast turnaround times. Turnaround varies with length of gene and complexity of sequence. Turnarounds are estimates. Cost and turnaround for synthesis of non-standard sequences may vary.

Additional advantages of our gene synthesis service

  • Subcloning service: Save time and money by using our in-house vectors for your next subcloning project! BaseGene offers 100% free subcloning into seven in-house vectors. Our price for subcloning in other vectors is €100,00, however for large projects we often can offer this service free of charge! Contact your account manager to discuss the possibilities.
  • Quality guaranteed: We provide clonal, 100% sequence-perfect synthetic genes of the highest quality, ready for use in your application.
  • Order size: We have no minimal order quantity, so you can simply order a single gene. Large orders are our specialty. We have partnered with customers on projects well over 1,000,000 base pairs.
  • Gene length: We accept orders for genes from any length. However PCR products <150 bp cannot be sequence verified.
  • Deliverables: Typically, we ship 4 µg of DNA in either 96-well plates or single tubes. We can deliver higher quantities at an additional charge. We deliver genes in a standard in-house vector. Delivery in other vectors is possible with our subcloning service at additional charge.
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Available in-house vectors

We’ve recently expanded our stock of in-house vectors to include those most frequently requested by our clients. By using our stocked vectors, there is no need to purchase and mail in your preferred vector. If your vector of choice is not listed, please send an aliquot of your vector to our lab.

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