Below are some frequently asked questions about our Gene Synthesis services. Should you have any questions other than listed below, feel free to contact us at and we will be happy to clear your thoughts.

1. What are the deliverables?

Generally, the deliverables for your synthetic gene of interest will consist of the following:

  • 2-4ug of lyophilized DNA (up to 10ug upon request at no extra cost).
  • Sequence chromatogram tracefiles.
  • Sequencing Results.
  • Final plasmid sequence.
  • Alignment files.
  • Reconstitution, re-plating and bacteria growth instructions.
  • Vector information.
  • Gene report (includes restriction digestion data).

2. How would I know the status of my genes?

You will receive weekly email updates outlining the status of each gene you have requested us to complete.

3. What is the standard vector for BaseGene gene synthesis?

BaseGene standard cloning vectors include pUC57-Amp, pUC57-Kan, pUC-SP and pBluescript . In general, synthetic genes will be cloned via Blunt of the standard vector, or any cloning sites you desired.

4. Can BaseGene subclone the gene into the vector of my choice?

Yes, BaseGene can subclone the synthetic gene into the vector of your choice at an affordable additional cost. The vector (commercial vector or non-commercial vector) must be provided to us with a full-length sequence and other requested info.

5. Are your genes sequencing verified?

Yes. The sequences of genes synthesized by us are confirmed by DNA sequencing, and 100% guaranteed.

6. What are non-standard sequences?

Generally, it is more difficult to synthesize sequences that have:

i) GC content > 70% or < 40% in regions of at least 30 base pairs or the whole sequence (generally difficult to synthesize sequences that have either too high or low GC content; standard sequences typically have a GC content of 50%).
ii) Long sequence repeats (>12 bp) that exist in a high frequency (interval between repeats < 100bp), e.g. internal repeats, direct repeats or inverted repeats.
iii) Homopolymers longer than 15 bp.
iv) Sequences that have a high similarity with toxic genes.