Our gene synthesis prices

  • Standard pricing
    € 0,18

    / base pair

    • No minimal order size, no minimal gene length
    • Minimal order per construct €100
  • 50-200 kbp /yea
    € 0,16

    / base pair

    • When ordering minimal 50.000 base pairs per year
  • 200-500 kbp /year
    € 0,14

    / base pair

    • When ordering minimal 200.000 base pairs per year
  • 500 kbp + /year
    € 0,10

    / base pair

    • When ordering minimal 500.000 base pairs per year

Ordering is easy!

You can order your genes by using our convenient online platform. Alternatively you can send an email to info@base-gene.com with the sequences of your constructs. Our specialists will contact you within one working day to discuss further steps.

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About BaseGene

BaseGene is one of the leading gene synthesis suppliers of Europe. BaseGene is a joint venture between BaseClear, a leading provider in microbial genomics solutions, and Bio Basic. Bio Basic, located in Canada, is is one of the largest professional gene manufacturers in the world. For over 15 years, Bio Basic has synthesized millions of base pairs of genes for researchers worldwide.

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